Update March 19, 2021: Daryl Guberman threatens legal action to take down this website. Guberman claims he's losing customers that find out about his certificate mill operation Guberman-PMC. Apparently businesses are doing their due diligence and looking deeply into his operations. Guberman apparently is no longer a fan of freedom of speech after he defamed dozens of people over the last 10 years on his former youtube channel. What happened Daryl? Are you no longer a supporter of the First Amendment? Or is it the truth you don't like? Ah yes, that's it!

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This Guberman-PMC website (Dguberman.com) Has Been Shut Down For Legal Reasons. Guberman-PMC's accreditation has been permanently suspended by ABAC. The owner Daryl Guberman has run off to start another website for his unaccredited certificate mill operation.

Guberman's business partner in Florida Sheri Sykes involved in the unaccredited bogus certification scheme.

UPDATE: Email from Guberman-PMC shows UNDENIABLE PROOF he issues ISO certificates to any company with the money.

Here's what you need to know about Daryl Guberman's "ISO for all" certification scheme and bogus claims:
  1. Guberman-PMC has been infringing on the copyrights of its former accreditation body using seals, logos and trademarks without permission.
    See Public Notice from Guberman's former accreditation body.

  2. Owner Daryl Guberman issues ISO certificates to ANYONE with the money without on-site audits. It's simple... you got the cash... you get the cert. What a racket.

  3. Guberman's ISO certificates are "signed" by either a Jack Oliver or Raymond Mullin. However neither of these people are employed by Guberman-PMC. Guberman uses a variety of alias names so he doesn't have to sign the certs himself and expose his one-man operation.

  4. Guberman is the sole employee of the business. Yet, he calls himself a CEO. Give me a break!

  5. Guberman-PMC consists of Daryl Guberman and his Florida accomplice Sheri Sykes. These two certificate mill operators pretend to be much larger using a number of aliases and impostors. More on that in an upcoming website to be launched in early 2021.

  6. Guberman and Sykes concealed customer data from former business associate Donald LaBelle in order to use LaBelle's resources and to issue unaccredited certificates without LaBelle's knowledge. Guberman and Sykes hid the data from LaBelle who demanded full disclosure on all company's being certified. The discrete act and breech by Guberman resulted in LaBelle dissolving his associations with Guberman-PMC. LaBelle recently admitted he was ashamed for doing business so long with the likes of a long-time fraudster Daryl Guberman.

  7. Guberman issued AS9100 certifications and other critical/risk-based standards to numerous businesses without an on-site audit. The companies got their certificate without even a quality manual or any qualification factor other than paying the cash! Not only is this clearly immoral... it's downright putting people's life at risk. SHAME on you Daryl Guberman!

  8. Guberman-PMC's ISO certifications have little if anything to do with the actual standard. It's a money racket operation selling little more than a piece of paper that simply says "ISO certified" with a few seals he infringed from other entities. Unfortunately certificate mills like Guberman-PMC are destroying the true value of ISO certification.

  9. Companies use Guberman-PMC to bamboozle their own customers into believing they actually "achieved" ISO certification. In reality, they did little more than buy a piece of paper with seals/trademarks owned by another entity. The businesses that own these unaccredited bogus certificates will be exposed one-by-one. They are the reason the fraud works!

  10. However, there are some businesses that purchased Guberman's unaccredited useless certificates were unaware of the certificates being little more than a piece of paper. Which has little if anything to do with the actual standard.

  11. Guberman and Sykes want their naive customers to believe they have "earned" the ISO certificate. This is how they do it. Sykes has them submit C-pars to make them feel like they earned the certification. The ISO standard itself is ignored of course. Sykes and Guberman was overheard saying: "We just can't give them the certificate, we have to make it look like they earned it..
  12. Guberman-PMC is basically issuing a "customer rating" certificate disguised as an ISO/quality certification. Guberman or Sykes know little if anything about ISO standards. It's pathetic what these two clowns are doing. And they are cashing in big time!

  13. A number of government contractors are using the certificate mill Guberman-PMC to bid on government contracts. The government as usual is too incompetent to realize the certification lacks accreditation and was produced by Daryl Guberman sitting in his home doing little more than hit the "print" button on his computer.

  14. When a wise business owner questions Daryl Guberman's lack of government recognition his typical reply is always the same "Don't you believe in competition?" In reality, Guberman is no competition for any legit ISO registrar. Basically, anyone can collect a few C-pars, slap on a couple corporate seals/logos/ owned by another entity, and then hit the print button. It does not take any special skill other than be a good liar... which is one of Daryl Guberman's greatest skills.

    How To Identify Certificate Mills Like Guberman-PMC and EXPOSE THEM!

  15. People need to realize certificate mills are usually just 1-2 people who are very good at deceit. You can always catch them by asking to speak to another person like an auditor, manager, or even the damn person signing the certificates! Request a Skype/Zoom meeting with the aliases they ALWAYS use and you'll be told that is not necessary. If you push the issue you'll never hear from the certificate mill owner again! They don't want you to know the truth. They don't want you to know ANYONE with the CASH will get the "certificate" (aka piece of paper).

  16. You can also detect a Certificate mill operation by asking key questions about the actual ISO standard. Unlike a real ISO/quality professional, certificate mills have little if any knowledge about the standard in question. They only know how to take your money!

    Why Businesses Use Certificate Mills

  17. Certificate mill operations exist because of the many businesses that want a simple way to fool their own customers and prospects of being an ISO certified company. These businesses that buy these unaccredited certificates of the REAL problem and they need to be exposed. That is coming in a big way in 2021.

  18. Of course there are some innocent victims of certificate mills. These are the companies that don't know any better and think their certificate is compliant to ISO standards.

  19. Certificate mills like Guberman-PMC are hurting the value of ISO certification by basically issuing certificates to any business with the money without them acquiring it the proper way.... by EARNING it!

  20. The problem is any imbecile can run an ISO certificate mill. You don't need any ISO knowledge whatsoever. You don't need to be accredited. You don't need to perform on-site audits. Ironically, you don't even need to help businesses meet the quality standard. All you need is a printer and enough of businesses willing to dupe their own customers into believing they have earned a valid ISO/quality certification. Unfortunately there are plenty of those businesses that keep the scam going.

  21. Just like a really good fake Rolex. Few people will ever notice the difference between a real Rolex and a fake one. Certificate mills know this all too well when they sell FAKE unaccredited ISO certificates.

  22. At the very least DEMAND a letter from your registrar that guarantees in writing your ISO certificate to meet the rules and specifications of ISO standards. This is especially important if you've been issued an AS9100 (aerospace) or medical certification. Such a letter will protect you if the time comes to defend your innocence. You can hold the certificate mill liable. In addition, if the certifier that issued your ISO certificate claims to be accredited. Make sure to get that guaranteed as well in writing! Do not avoid this! You must protect yourself.

How To Determine RIGHT AWAY If Your ISO Certificate Is Bogus:

  1. Contact the person signing the ISO certificate. Preferably by phone. Is it the same person claiming to be your consultant and/or auditor? If so, your ISO certificate is INVALID! In order for your ISO certificate to be valid, the consultant and registrar must be impartial.

  2. What if the name on the ISO certificate is another person? Well, remember, certificate mills often use aliases when signing the certificates. If you can't reach the person signing your certificate and determine he or she actually exists. Then you know your certificate is bogus!

  3. In the case of Guberman-PMC, they often use names of "friends" to sign the certificate. The signatures of course are always computer made. And these "friends" have absolutely no involvement in certification process.

  4. If your never got a corrective action or non-conformance, it's because the company that issued your certificate is not really over-seeing your quality management system. Certificate mills don't engage in corrective actions or non-conformances simply because their "certificates" have nothing to do with your company meeting ISO standard specifications and requirements.

  5. Never had an on-site audit from your registrar? It's because it's a Certificate Mill that does not do on-site audits.

  6. In some cases a certificate mill operation will have no choice and will be forced in an on-site. This only happens when the customer is smart enough to demand an on-site audit. However, when it comes to certificate mills, you can expect the auditor that visits your facility to be the SAME PERSON that will issue you the certification. Therefore, your certificate is INVALID! And you wasted your time and money!

  7. If they claim a Quality Manual is not a requirement. Then you'll know instantly you are dealing with a certificate mill operation. Quality manuals are a necessary requirement set forth by The International Organization for Standardization which is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded on 23 February 1947. Basically they set the standard requirements for all ISO certifications.

What Can Be Done To Stop Certificate Mills?

  1. Unfortunately, they can never be completely stopped. Scammers will always find a way to dupe people out of their money. However, you can protect yourself by knowing how they operate. This page gave you some very good tips and clues on what to look for when you are approached by these scammers.

  2. Once you discover the company that issued your ISO certificate is an unaccredited certificate mill. You MUST DUMP THEM ASAP! You are risking your company's reputation. What if your customers found out your ISO certificate was PAID for rather than being EARNED the proper way? How would they feel? They would feel like you duped them!

  3. Keep in mind, certificate mills are MASTERS OF DECEIT. If you question their claims, they'll come up with every excuse in the book. Don't fall for it! Confirm their accreditation if they claim to be accredited. If they tell you accreditation is not needed. Then look into their company deeper. Find out who signs the certificate? Who does the audit? Who is the consultant? All certificate mills hide this information from their customers for a good reason. It exposes who they really are in broad daylight!

  4. Lastly, if you still can't determine whether or not the certificate mill operator is misleading you. Simply contact the ANSI National Accreditation Body (ANAB) to learn the vital difference between an accredited certification body, and an unaccredited certificate mill. Another option is to contact directly International Organization for Standardization to verify standard requirements. Or via email at customerservice@iso.org.