Board Of Advisors

Leslie Jackson Hepler, Advisor
Leslie Jackson Hepler, VP AEROSPACE and Material Specialist serves as an advisor for Guberman-PMC, LLC. Jack’s military and professional experience includes 2nd Lieutenant US Army 31 July 1959; Artillery: 1959-1961; US Army Europe 1960-1962; Army Flight School 1963; Aviation Flight Instructor 1963-1965; Flight Section leader Vietnam 1966; Aviation Maintenance 1967-1968; Detachment Commander 1968-1969; Squadron Maintenance Officer 1969; Division Maintenance Battalion Operations Officer 1969; Navy Test Pilot School 1970; Test Pilot, Edwards AFB 1971-1974; On Site Test Coordinator, UTTAS (BlackHawk) Program, 1974-1978; Army Aviation Systems Command, Systems Engineer, 1978-1987; Technical Division Chief 1987-1992; Maintenance Division Chief 1992-1995; SAIC Consultant 1995-2001; Advisor, GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC 2011-Present.

Jack attended Technical Curriculum Purdue University (1955-1959) and holds BS in Aero Engineering.

John G. Bury, Advisor

John, a Chicago native, earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Purdue University. He previously held positions in Logistics Engineering and Support with Sikorsky Aircraft, was a Flight Mechanic with American Express Corp, and a Pilot with Seagrams and Reebok Corps. After earning an MBA in finance from New York University, he held positions in corporate finance at AMR Corp. and American Airlines Cargo. Subsequently, while working as a pilot for Amercian Airlines, he held positions as an Associate with AMR Consulting Group, and was Secretary-Treasurer for the Allied Pilots Association. He continues to fly for American Airlines. John’s skill sets brings a unique combination of operations, management, and union leadership experience, including performance analysis, flight line and maintenance experience, operating and capital planning, variance analysis, cost allocation modeling, as well as human resource management, compensation review, benefit planning and other managerial skills.

Lucy Cocozza-Clark, Advisor
Lucy became part of the Laurel Wire family in 2005 and is currently an advisor to the company. Laurel Wire Company offers wire straightening and cutting services. The company specializes in round and flat wire as well as strip material from coil form, providing straightened and cut lengths. Laurel Wire can provide various materials or we will gladly cut customer material in diameters up to .375 inches and lengths up to 40 feet, using a wide range of alloys and tempers for its clients. Lucy also holds a position with the State of Connecticut working in the Executive Branch administering physical security. Lucy also holds a bachelor’s degree from Quinnipiac University with a concentration in Legal Studies.

Jackie Berube, Customer Services Advisor
Jackie has been in the Manufacturing Industry for 20 years. She began her career working in sales at a wire distributor for one year. She then accepted a sales position at Laurel Wire, where she has acquired vast knowledge of the wire industry regarding various materials and the process of straightening and cutting wire. Since the age of 16, Jackie has been in the customer service field and has earned a great deal of professional and personal gratification from nurturing customer relationships. Jackie has diligently worked to ensure her customers are happy and continue to do business with Laurel Wire.

Ray Aneiro, Advisor

Ray Aneiro is an advisor for Guberman-PMC, LLC. Ray has 50+ years experience in the sales of plastic stock shape materials with an extensive background interacting with the military, state and federal agencies as well as industrial, medical, and aerospace industries. His no nonsense approach and imbedded integrity to do the job right the first time in conjunction with his moral fiber makes for a special asset to the board. Ray is a former United States Air force veteran of the Korean War. His experience in sales, materials and customer services blended with his life experience has shown to be a great benefit to the board of advisors Guberman-PMC, LLC.

Kelly Rak, Sales Advisor
Kelly began working in the wire industry at Laurel Wire 26 years ago. For the first 20 years she took care of all the accounting aspects of the company, payables/receivables, payroll, order entry, and certifications etc. In 2007 she became a member of the Laurel Wire sales team offering superior customer service. She is presently the controller and handles many financial responsibilities and still continues to work in sales. Kelly is the proud mother of two beautiful children.