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Qantas plane bound for Armidale makes emergency landing at Tamworth due to damaged tyre

Armidale bound Qantas passenger plane was forced to divert to Tamworth overnight after one of its tyres blew on takeoff from Sydney. The Plane was carrying 44 passengers and crew member and had to circle for an hour over the airport to burn fuel before it landed.

Fire Rescue NSW, Ambulance crews and Police were on stand-by at the airport waiting for the landing. The Tamworth Base Hospital was also alerted.

The plane landed safely as, extra caution had to be taken as the incident occurred at night 9pm on 17.06.14. No injuries were reported.

The plane was inspected by engineers from Qantas. After complete satisfaction from the officials the passengers disembarked with ambulances carrying out assessment to find out if there were any injuries, but none were found.

A tyre had been separated from its rim and the landing came in quite heavily on the side that had heavy tyres. The pilot acted with caution and skill and took the necessary precaution as was needs to be taken in such situations. The plane was diverted to Tamworth because of the additional maintenance capabilities at that airport said spokesperson for Qantaslink.

The necessary changes on the tyre were made to the plane and the plane set off flying in the morning. It was a ‘textbook emergency landing’ said Tamworth Airport Manager, Julie Stewart.