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Delta plane ends up on grass after an emergency landing at JFK International Airport

Delta jet makes an emergency landing at John F. Kennedy International Airport due to a technical snag in the hydraulic system. Passengers onboard witnessed some scary moments as the Delta Flight 866 from Atlanta to New York’s La Garuda Airport ended up in the grass.

Delta flight was diverted to JFK because there was an indication of an issue with the hydraulic system, which controls the brakes. The plane was sent to JFK because the airport has longer runways, Delta Airlines said.

The plane landed uneventfully but while taxiing, the faulty brakes could not stop the plane on the runway and ended up in the grassy area off the runway.

There were 118 passengers onboard and no injuries were reported. The plane, made what appeared to be a normal landing, but ended up in the grass while taxiing. It’s not immediately clear why the plane went left the tarmac.