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Delta plane makes emergency landing as a wing panel rips off during flight

A Boeing 757 aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines had to make a dramatic emergency landing in Georgia as a part of one of its wings went missing mid-air. The flight was scheduled to fly from Orlando, Florida to Atlanta.

Although there were no reports of injuries, the sudden news took the passengers by surprise. A ripped wing forced the passenger plane into an emergency landing on Sunday.

The Federal Aviation Administration says Flight 2412 landed about 7.10pm on Sunday at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta international airport. The plane, a Boeing 757, stopped on the runway and was towed to the gate.

After the flight landed, Delta officials told the FAA that a 4ft by 8ft panel from one of the plane’s wings was missing.

The latest reports reveal that the investigation from the FAA is yet to give any confirmed report. The officials of Delta did not speak anything about the incident as of now.