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US Airways nose gear collapses before takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport

Airbus A320 (twin-jet)

Florida bound US Airways Flight 1702 had to abort takeoff after the plane’s nose gear collapsed during takeoff at Philadelphia International Airport on Thursday. One of the tires on the plane’s landing gear blew out prompting an emergency evacuation from the runway.

According to one of the passengers onboard, the weather was very windy when it took off and the nose of the plane went down hitting the runaway.

Three of the airport’s four runways were reopened within a few hours after the crash, with only the runway where the accident occurred remaining closed.

According to the latest reports from the media and the passengers onboard, the aircraft shot up and then bounced down very hard on the runway. The passengers had to wait for almost half an hour in the runway after the evacuation before the buses came to transport them back to the terminals.