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Chris Paris, Owner of Oxebridge Goes On A Bizarre and Sad Rant of Threats

The bizarre owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources is seriously losing it lately, and it’s rather concerning. Today, he went on a bizarre rant accusing everybody he can think of for his unfortunate business failings. It appears reality is closing in on Chris, and he’s left with few options after years of engaging in business defamation campaigns against his competitors.

Click here to see a bizarre, uncontrollable rant posted by Chris, which shows he could be losing all sense of reality.

As you all know, I have been a target of Paris for 6 years now. However, I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that he is an envious person with serious psychological issues. People like Chris Paris are always their worst enemy because they can’t deal with the success of other people. His website is nothing more than character assassination articles and smear campaigns on his competitors and successful businesses people involved in the quality community. His modus operandi is simple. He steals the photograph of his competitors, and writes extremely negative comments about them, twisting the truth to ruin their credibility and reputation. Think about it… how many legitimate businesses owners spend their day attacking their competitors? More importantly, who in their right mind would do business with such a person? Unquestionably for Chris, his own reputation is now ruined. And he has only himself to blame.

Chris I know you are reading this. Please get the help you need. I’m not being sarcastic, you really do need help. Although you have been attacking me for 6 years on your website — I have found it in my heart to forgive you. After all, you are a fellow human being, and I really believe you may need help. It’s not something to be embarrassed about, we all go through difficult times in life. It concerns me that your depressive behavior and paranoia is reaching a dangerous level. Your latest rant and threats is very troubling. Get help, please!

Daryl Guberman