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Quality Management Certification Made Simple With Added-Value

Daryl Guberman, President & CEO
Daryl Guberman, President & CEO

Have you started a company that manufactures a product but don’t know how to ensure consistency in the standards of your finished products?

Do you have a company which is facing issues with a lack of cooperation from employees and subsequently causing you to lose money and market value?

Are you a service provider who doesn’t know how to establish and maintain a quality of your services?

About Guberman-PMC

Guberman-PMC, LLC is a Quality Management Certification consultancy led by Daryl Guberman, a quality consultant, who has been offering his services in the field of quality management to companies that need it for years. We are the quality experts and will provide for you a well-functioning quality management system that ensures smooth and unhindered working within your services.

Choosing our services could be what will make the difference between what you are now and what you aspire to be. We here at Guberman-PMC, LLC under the leadership of Daryl Guberman, hone out the potential that the company already has in itself but fails to perform by it due to certain often overlooked factors that might even be trivial to the untrained eye. We perform a thorough investigation of your functions searching for these overlooked factors and then provide you with quality systems and suggestions that will boost your company. Our job is to ensure that you work at your function best and adamant we are to say this – we are good at what we do.

Quality Management System(QMS): How it works:

Once you hire us as your QMS consultant, you sit back, relax and watch us do wonders. We will take a thorough tour of your company investigating everything from huge machinery to the designing of spaces and profile of all employees. After that, we will help you to develop a quality system that will help you increase your profits and have your customer satisfaction at peak. There are a lot of factors involved in devising the right quality management system that caters to the needs of the enterprise:

Quality Policy – The first step would be to decide upon the fundamentals of QMS, i.e., the Quality Policy of the workspace. This document that we will provide will be based on the various factors that influence your workspaces’ functions and will highlight on the Quality Objectives.

Quality Objectives – The Quality Objectives, simply put, are the objectives that will guide you to your quality goals and maintain it.

Quality Manual – The next step after that will be to develop a Quality Manual and have everyone relevant to it educate over it so the norms, procedures, and organisational aspects aren’t overlooked. This is the execution part that is truly vital for further success.

Organisational structures and responsibilities – The Quality Manual will include a set of organisational structures, procedures, and responsibilities that must be adhered to at every step for quick results.

Data Management – An important part of a Quality Management System is the Data Management. Every company relies on data to work and improper management of this data can lead to repercussions with quality quite serious enough so as to trigger the downfall of the company. We won’t let this happen if you have us working for you. Data Management is something we don’t go light over.

– A company functions on the various process including and intermediary between purchasing and selling. Our experts help define these processes more, diagnose any malfunctioning and subsequently treat it to ensure better quality and better functionality. Most usually the low quality is caused somewhere in this regard.

Product Quality – This is the one reason over which we are employed mostly when a client is struggling to establish or maintain the quality of his product or service. Low product quality can be devastating to a company by killing customer satisfaction and causing the market value of the business to take a steep dive. We will ensure to help you raise your product quality and have for you a community of customers that are glad to be under your association.

Continuous Improvements – Simply having a QMS that has uplifted your business, helped you organise and maintain the workspace until you achieved your desired quality standards won’t be it unless you are able to stay up at your peak. Perpetual improvement and quality enforcing and ensuring actions come into play right here. With this aspect of QMS, you can be relaxed that your quality won’t be compromised even after the objectives of the agreement are achieved.

Quality Instruments – Quality Instruments are the diagnostic tools in a QMS that help in determining what are the standards of quality in various as well as overall aspects of your business. The best tools that are available in the market will be included in our QMS.

Control of Document – In order to prevent fraudulent activities and the accompanying hassle of creating lawsuits, we will help you manage and organise your documents to avoid any unauthorized access or information theft.

The only step after having done and achieved everything above is to get your Quality Certificate from the respective legal authorities. The authorities will evaluate the documents of your company and based on it will certify you with the right certificate. These quality certificates hold substantial credibility over the companies methods and quality.

Our services:

The exclusive services that we offer include but are not limited to specific quality assessment based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO 17025, TS 16949, ISO 13485, ISO14000, AS 9100, Documentation Development, Internal Auditing, Training and Implementation, Emergency Contingency Planning (excellent way to reduce insurance premiums!), Good Manufacturing Practices Training, Process and Management Analysis, Health and Safety Training, Disaster Recovery Planning (excellent way to reduce insurance premiums!), etc.

Contact us:

Contacting and hiring us could be the best decision you ever took ever since the start of your company. And as an indication of our dedicated services, we offer many packages.