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With Guberman You Will Truly Certify Your Quality and Preserve Your Integrity

Not all registrars are ethical in their practice. Some offer certifications that are only probably valid. Some offer certifications that have nothing to do with ISO, and some are simply a means to kick back money to a prime contractor for the privilege of obtaining business. You must get your certification from XYZ Registrars or we will refuse to award you a contract. Many work a complex auditing procedure as an excuse to bill at exorbitant rates. Most do not support your business when you need them most, for example when your customer or potential customers want to conduct an audit at your plant. At annual audits, these registrars will tag you with many false non-compliance write-ups so they can bill you additional fees. So much for their professional integrity, dedication to Quality, and customer support! To more deeply understand these shameful practice, inform yourself by reading the material provided by Daryl Guberman on his website complete with links to competitors own material.

You can call Daryl Guberman anytime with a direct line to his desk. You will encounter no intermediaries, only the CEO himself of Guberman PMC, LLC, who will engage you in intelligent discussion of your business Quality and ISO needs, not a sales pitch. Daryl Guberman is selective in his selection of clients. Family reputation is a serious consideration for Daryl Guberman, who intentionally places his family name at the corporate center of Guberman PMC, LLC, because, as he says, “We are as good as our family name.” Daryl Guberman has years of real and practical business experience, a shirtsleeve executive, who does not waste business time, money, or resources in empty motions that do not enhance your bottom line.

Quality measurement and ISO qualification are not prolonged and obscured for the purpose of obtaining fees for worthless audits, visits, discussions, and record keeping. Guberman PMC, LLC does not prefer to take your employees off the production line to question them about Quality practices. Minimum interference in your business operations can be attained along with accurate measurement of your company’s strengths and customer satisfaction in practical and efficient ways without cutting down on your productivity. While other registrars prefer a long and drawn out process of ISO qualification measurement, often taking months, for the purpose of justifying their high fees for registration and to keep the client psychologically impressed and subdued with complexity, Daryl Guberman’s associates get directly to the point in a minimum amount of time consistently far less in duration than any of their competitors.

Unlike all his competition, Daryl Guberman can provide not only employee training in areas of audit preparation, Quality implementation, and ISO requirements only when necessary, but uniquely, Daryl Guberman is the only Quality CEO who will provide your management with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the current amazingly dirty practices in Quality that hold back company growth, waste company resources, and risk company reputation and assets because of widespread corrupt practices by registrars themselves and registrars in collusion with enormously large and powerful corporations.

The reach of Daryl Guberman is international. Guberman PMC, LLC conducts business in Europe and beyond. Because of his many business contacts, Daryl Guberman can assist you with referrals to other similar business or supporting business both here in the United States and elsewhere throughout the world. In addition, Daryl Guberman himself has personal experience in manufacturing, medical, printing, aerospace, and plastics. As part of his services within Guberman PMC, LLC, Daryl Guberman can offer you his personal assistance with matters relative to those industries as a part of his overall support for your registration with his firm.

Daryl Guberman and his organization Guberman PMC, LLC staff are highly motivated when it comes to giving special consideration to Veteran owned businesses. Veterans have made a special contribution to our nation in terms of their generous dedication to our mutual defense and the wellbeing of our nation. Guberman PMC, LLC understands the difficulties involved in the transition from military to civilian life, especially for handicapped veterans, and for all veterans facing the stress and demands of startup business as well as the trials of day-to-day operation of veteran-owned businesses that have endured the difficult years beyond start up. Likewise, woman owned businesses and businesses employing the handicapped are given the extra necessary care that Guberman PMC, LLC can provide in Quality support situations that are unique to such businesses and also in situations where lack of familiarity and experience might require added intervention to assure that those businesses are recognized for the Quality of their production in the face of added difficulties.

Quality manuals, sample production forms and travelers, record keeping for Quality Management purposes provide the basis for successful audits and inspections by your customers. Concise, practical forms, manuals and documents that are reality based and efficient record of production devices can be supplied by Guberman PMC, LLC in the course of registration analysis of your business. Over his many years of manufacturing experience Daryl had created ways of minimizing the documentation need to demonstrate compliance with ISO Standards to satisfy even the most detail demanding customers.

Guberman PMC, LLC
has been set up and dedicated to assuring that your registration with Guberman will thoroughly support your manufacturing by attesting to your real Quality management and true integrity when it comes to those who depend upon your products and services. When your customer will be there to audit you, when your Quality management and integrity is on the table for inspection, when your documentation is being reviewed by your customer, Guberman PMC, LLC can be there at your request to demonstrate that your corporation maintains the highest standards of Quality, business integrity, and conformity to standards as verified by your documentation, record keeping, and certification, because Guberman is as good as its family name and it cares for your business just as if it were part of the Guberman family. When you leave at the end of the day you can rest assured that Guberman PMC, LLC certification has you completely covered.