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Fraud Notice: Oxebridge, Chris Paris, Scams and Accreditation, ISO Fraudsters

[UPDATE] owner Chris Paris flees from Digital Ocean to another Web host (LiquidWeb) after receiving 18 DMCA notices from copyright owners in which he stole there photographs and artwork. If you’re a victim of copyright infringement from Mr. Paris (formerly known as Chris Erwin), file a DMCA with his current Web host at Contact us for assistance if needed.

This is a notice to all customers and innocent businesses under attack by the offshore scammer Christopher Paris, Owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources International

Chris Paris of Oxbridge sits with smug self-assurance atop his Peruvian ivory tower, a self-appointed judge and jury of quality certification who hands down his verdicts from afar, typically petulant insults contrived to preserve the illusion of integrity in the current quality monopoly.

Rarely is there anything of substance in his rants; just a continual barrage of sophomoric drivel aimed at anyone he might see as a threat that overtakes his victims’ online presence through a careful manipulation of SEO.

It’s a trick that is low and un-befitting to anyone who would consider themselves a professional in their field, but Chris Paris of Oxbridge cares not, as long as the game works.

Who does he have to answer to anyway? Living the life of an ex-patriate in South America affords one certain liberties of speech and behavior that would be rather muted if that person had to actually face the objects of his vitriol.

His favorite target appears to be Daryl Guberman, CEO of G-PMC, a competing quality registrar that has chosen to throw off the chains of ANSI-ASQ national accreditation boards ANAB’S 100-year-old monopoly and introduce a bold new standard in their certification process based on reality rather than back door deals.

This is Guberman’s crime: to recognize ANAB as the farce of an organization that it is, to be the boy in the crowd who readily admits that the emperor wears no clothes, but also to be the tailor ready with an entirely new set of garments befitting a ruler.

In less pretentious terms, Guberman has seen through the dogmatic smokescreen of the quality industry, particularly ANAB/IAF(International Accreditation Forum)’s monopoly (consider the incestuous nature of Randy Doughtery’s multiple positions of authority) which has rendered them ineffective at best, and has chosen to break rank with the establishment in pursuit of higher ideals.

He breaks rank to skirt the protocol for legitimacy, but rather to provide a better alternative and encourage overall improvement of the quality industry through competition—that internal combustion engine that drives American capitalism.

Chris Paris of Oxbridge loves to drone on about Guberman’s supposed lack of legitimacy, using descriptors such as “dubious” whenever naming any of the organizations of which he is affiliated. Unfortunately for Paris, manipulation of language may obscure the truth for a time, but ultimately cannot change it.

When a non-profit organization becomes a shill for profiteering power grabbers, when a seal of approval only means an organization is “probably” trustworthy, when an aging monopoly rots out the gut of an industry and undermines its original purpose, it becomes time for a decisive and deliberate shift in our perceptions of what is “dubious” and what is legitimate.

If a society or industry is to progress, the sacred cow that bars the path must be slain. Guberman is ready and waiting to do what is necessary while Paris continues to grovel at the feet of the metaphorical bovine in blind adoration.