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Business Owners, CEO’s, Board of Directors, Employees. Of Aerospace, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial,Subcontractors, Service companies, GOVERMENT AGENCIES, FAA, -YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED


1– Customer confidence

2- Your quality certificate certifies the system NOT the product (s) you produce.

3-Do you really achieve bottom line improvement from the the corrective actions you receive? from your annual surveillance audit- (If you say yes you are lying to your yourself, your company, management and personnel)

4- Most when asked if you are happy with your registrar and the audit outcome- will say yes ” because in reality you don’t know what your have” All you know is that you need a piece of paper to play in this game.

AS of January 1st 2015 ANAB(r) changed their website due to the to statements below…. –

ANY company who is certified from 2012-2015 and 2013-2016, 2014-2017 should contact DARYL GUBERMAN-CEO, GUBERMAN-PMC,LLC. or 203-556-1493) WE can rectify your dilemma- YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED and I can help you…

Here is the ANAB web-link from 2014


“If your certificate was issued by an ANAB-accredited certification body (CB)= (registrar), the answer to this question is probably yes.”

And also this – ref paragraph 5

“An accredited CB (registrar) may also offer unaccredited certificates or certificates for standards for which it is not accredited.”

What does ANAB® mean by ‘probably accredited? , “Probably guarantees nothing, the American National Accreditation Board (ANAB®) has the audacity to answer this ever so critical question about accreditation by confirming that certainty is impossible in this regard because the best they can offer as a so-called accreditation body is “probably,” that is an insult to all companies ISO certified by ANAB® accredited registrars and their customers. “Let us run this through once again, here is a national accreditation body attempting to reassure their clients and potential clients about accreditation by their own approved certification bodies (Registrars), and the best that they can pledge in confidence is ‘probably’, it’s downright appalling.”