ISO Registration Myths and Realities: A Series of Short Revealing Videos

“Accredited or unaccredited ASQ has no problem with what Guberman-PMC is doing, we support you Daryl.” – David Levy, Region 3 Director of ASQ (American Society for Quality)

The following video series were produced from a recent dinner meeting in which Daryl Guberman was a guest speaker for the American Society for Quality (ASQ). In these videos Daryl calls for much needed improvements in the ISO certification process while detailing value-added solutions Guberman-PMC provides companies seeking ISO registration.

PART #1 – Value-Added Registration From Guberman-PMC

PART #2 – Inconsistencies With Auditors & Registars

PART #3 – The Real Issues – And The MONOPOLY!

PART #4 – Region 3 Director of ASQ Voices Support For Guberman-PMC

PART #5 – Are You Getting Value From Your Registrar?

PART #6 – Are ASQ Directors Compensated?

PART #7 – Money-Driven vs Quality Driven

PART #8 – No Improvements In Quality Because One Company Is Dictating Policy

PART #9 – How To Make Sure You Get Value-Added Certification

PART #10 – Registration Companies That Are Not ANAB™ Accredited Are Called “Bogus”

PART #11 – Inconsistencies in Quality and the ISO Certification Process

PART #12 – Daryl Cites The Poem “If” By Rudyard Kipling

PART #13 – Why Most ISO Registration Companies Offer NO Value-Added

PART #14 – Where Is The VP of ANAB?

PART #15 – Together We Will Succeed! David vs Goliath

PART #16 – Competition Can Keep Quality Pure

PART #17 Is ISO Regulated by the Government? Does ASQ “Oversees” Itself As ANAB™?

PART #18 – Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Own All Aerospace Documents. Conflict of Interest?