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Warning About Oxebridge Quality Resources and Its Owner Chris Paris

What’s the purpose of this page? This page was produced to not only protect our fine reputation, but hopefully yours as well from Christopher Mark Paris, owner of Oxebridge Quality Resources. Before 2012, we’ve never heard of this Chris Paris until he started publishing trashy articles about us and our business associates. Who was this con man we thought? What’s his objective? Why is he targeting us? We quickly learned he has a habit of doing the same to many other honest hard working business people he sees as competitors, particularly competitors that are independent of his beloved International Accreditation Forum (IAF), a China-led organization. Therefore, we knew we had to defend our good name and publish the truth about the Oxebridge owner. We realized the TRUTH needed to be told. After all, we had to make sure our clients and the quality community was aware of this guy’s misleading nature so they wouldn’t be bamboozled by his bogus claims. So we published this article to protect our reputation by telling the real truth, and equally important protect our customers from being misled by this clown. Yes, in our opinion the Chris Paris is a clown and a con-man. Why? Because his efforts to mislead our customers via emails and phone calls have been ongoing for over 7 years. And it’s not just us he tried to scam. This page also links to other resources and articles from numerous business people that have also been a target of Paris and his Oxebridge smear campaign. Do not be fooled. Chris Paris is not the over-seer he claims to be. And he is not a legitimate news source. His website specifically targets anybody that doesn’t follow his so-called “rules” in the quality certification community. Particularly registrars that prefer to be independent of the notorious China-led International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Do not be duped by Chris Paris and his bogus claims. You have the right to choose the registrar and accreditation body of your choice. Therefore, keep in mind, if Christopher Mark Paris (aka Mark Erwin), or anybody else for that matter ever calls a registrar a so-called “Certificate Mill” or so-called “Unaccredited” run as fast as you can from that person. It’s a con job, folks! When Chris Paris says a registrar is “unaccredited” or “certificate mill” what he is really saying is the registrar is not part of the infamous China-led IAF. At Guberman-PMC we prefer American all the way! We are defenders of liberty and freedom, and we have become the preferred registrar of Veterans nationwide! We love Veterans and we love America! And despite bogus claims by Oxebridge’s Chris Paris, we are fully accredited by the federally recognized American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC). If you consider yourself a Patriot and proud American, you too should make sure your ISO certification is issued by a registrar accredited by ABAC. In short, if your registrar is part of Oxebridge’s beloved China-led IAF, then you are NOT supporting America. You are supporting China – period! Here at Guberman-PMC, we put America and the American people first! Do you?


Oxebridge Quality Lawsuits: Are you being harassed by this man-child Chris Paris and his scam company Oxebridge in which he is the sole employee? Is he threatening “robust” legal action? Is he using your photo without your permission to write defamatory articles about you to harm your reputation? Well, be sure to visit www.OxebridgeQualityLawsuits.com to get the full scoop on this con man. You’ll see how and why he files lawsuits despite having no jurisdiction. Look at his previous lawsuits that failed and the stupid attorneys he uses. (He changes attorneys often). Heck, any idiot with a couple hundred dollars can file a civil lawsuit against anyone for any reason. So if he files one against you, do not reply to him or his ambulance chaser lawyer. The two lovebirds are not worth your time. But do motion the court and direct your legal counsel to the informative OxebridgeQualityLawsuits.com. We applaud whoever launched the Oxebridge Lawsuits website. Keep telling the truth folks! The truth is on your side!

Update: May 5, 2018: Chris Paris attacks another Jewish business owner in effort to put him out of business. Jews, minorities and woman-owned businesses seem to be the primary target of the Hate Group Oxebridge and its owner Christopher Mark Paris.

Daryl Guberman launches a tell-all video about Chris Paris, the owner of Oxebridge who has been harrassing Daryl’s family, business partners, Jewish staff members, and minorities serving on our board of advisors… many of whom are military veterans and women in leadership roles. Watch the video and you’ll learn the kind of disturbed person Chris Paris is and his hatred for people with different beliefs. His website Oxebridge.com is nothing more than attacks on people and businesses in competition with his bogus operation. What kind of business does that? The buck stops here, Chris. You have been exposed. Police report on Chris Paris.

Oxebridge Owner Chris Paris Attempts To Scam Connecticut Businesswomen

Chris Paris, owner of the bogus operation Oxebridge Resources was caught trying to scam a Connecticut business that happens to be one of our customers… and the whole incident was caught on tape! This morning Christopher Mark Paris called another customer of ours and advisor of ABAC attempting to mislead her about the services of G-PMC Group and its accreditation body ABAC. Basically, he tried to scam her out of her company’s fully-accredited and 100% valid ISO certification issued by G-PMC Group. The conversation started with Paris attempting to intimidate the innocent woman by acting like an an “authority” of some kind. Listen to the audio below originally posted October 2016

You can hear his voice nervously shaking, common among liars, as he kept stumbling on on his words, unsure of what to say in his desperate attempt to deceive her. Paris continued to press her for answers with his usual lies about certification, unaware she was already pre-warned about his bogus operation. Suddenly, and here comes the good part… Chris Paris had no idea Daryl Guberman was sitting in the room listening to the conversation the entire time. You can hear the shock in the voice of Chris Paris when he learned of Guberman’s presence. Daryl slammed him for lying to the business owner and called him out for his threats. It was a classic ass whipping! Paris desperately tried to recover, trying to reflect the conversation to another topic. You gotta love when a scammer is caught in the act! You can hear the anger in Chris’ voice, while he accused people for saying things that hurt his feelings. Are you kidding me? What kind of man gets his feelings hurt from words? Frankly, Chrissy sounded like a little child at the playground who just got his toy taken away by his daddy… and his daddy was Daryl Guberman! This poor excuse of a man Chris Paris became uncomfortable for being caught attempting to scam an innocent woman business owner. Then he went on his usual rant of suing everybody. Meanwhile Guberman remained cool, calm and collected. The conversation ended with Paris hanging up in frustration for being caught trying to scam yet another business. Final note: If you ever get a phone call from Chris Paris, the owner of the fake news website Oxebridge, and he claims your certification is “invaid” or “not accredited,” we highly suggest you report him to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi at http://www.myfloridalegal.com. Meanwhile call Daryl Guberman while you have Chris on the phone at 203-556-1493 and we guarantee you little Chrissy will get another ass whipping for his scams… Guberman style!

Update: Jan. 8, 2017: SpaceX slams Oxebridge owner Chris Paris. The copyright infringer just took down 200 SpaceX related pages along with his list of client “references” from his trashy website. Paris claimed to have implemented ISO 9001 at SpaceX in 2006, and later AS9100 in 2011. He further claimed to be an AS9100 Specialist in residence for most of 2013 for SpaceX, and also claimed to have led internal QMS audits during that period. However, it appears the gig is up for Chris Paris.

IMPORTANT Letter To All Those That Have Been Harassed By Oxebridge Owner Chris Paris
This letter is to inform our staff, customers, board members, ISO consultants and certification bodies about a very disturbed individual by the name of Chris Paris, the owner of Oxebridge.com.  Along with dozens of other business people, I’ve also been a subject of harassment from Chris Paris for three years know. It’s time to expose him for what he is, and what he’s doing to hardworking people of integrity in the ISO community. After reading this letter you will understand everything you must know about Chris Paris so you can protect your business from his bogus operation Oxebridge Quality Resources International.
By way of introduction, the best illustration I can give of the harm he does is to relate what Chris Paris does in his ongoing attempts to destroy my good name and to ruin my business. Although he has failed miserably, it’s important you are aware your good name and business could also find its way to the target rack of Paris. Paris constantly writes deceiving articles about me on the web in attempts to financially harm my organization by ruining my reputation. Unfortunately, I am only one of many victims of this detestable gad fly. My name for example can be found over 2,450 times on his hate site. That’s right, 2,450 times he wrote about Daryl Guberman in effort to harm my reputation. He writes about my religious believes (I’m Jewish), about my late mother (God, rest her soul), and my friends and family. This is the kind of sick individual Chris Paris had been to me and many others. Recently as a guest speaker for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) I hired an armed police officer because of the threats that I received from Paris. There are times when it becomes prudent to consider the safety of your family and friends.
Oxebridge Quality Resources Is a Bogus Operation
Behind his obsession with defamation of his perceived competitors stands his front company, Oxebridge Quality Resources. His primary occupation is ridicule of Quality professionals. In reality, the man is a sociopath. Chris Paris wants you to believe that his business, Oxebridge Quality Resources, is a highly “successful” operation. However, nobody can find a single customer or client endorsement for Oxebridge Quality Resources on his website or anywhere on the Web. A recent lawsuit against Paris by G31000 revealed his “company” has no customers or assets, and therefore no money. This is no surprise of course because anyone visiting the Oxebridge.com website can immediately see that it offers nothing more than personal attacks and smear campaigns against hard working individuals in the ISO community. There are no posted references to satisfied clientele. There are no review. No endorsements. This ought to tell you something.

Therefore, it’s obvious why nobody does business with this guy. Deliberation on his activities draws one to conclude that Chris Paris may have a serious mental illness. Comments from Paris found online evoke a mental situation showing he has a classic case of narcissism with a grandiose view of his identity and desperate-like need for admiration. Even more bizarre, Paris writes as if he actually has an audience supporting his paranoid behavior and irrational beliefs. We found no followers, shares or comments on the Oxebridge blog other than the ones from Paris himself.
The ongoing threats, whackery comments about minorities and people of different religious backgrounds show signs he may unfortunately be suffering from a serious Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive. I’m saying this not to be sarcastic, but to point out that it seems he clearly needs psychological help. It’s actually sad because he does appear to be an intelligent person in some areas. But he clearly does more harm to himself than anybody else.
It’s important for everybody to know Chris Paris is nothing more than a self-appointed overseer of ISO certification. In fact, I personally received an email from Randy Dougherty, Vice President of ANSI-ASQ American National Accreditation Board (ANAB), stating that he sees Chris Paris as nothing more than a self-appointed overseer of the ISO community, and thus, if this be true, has no authority whatsoever. An investigation by the American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC), concluded that the primary objective of Chris Paris is to harm the reputation of independent certification bodies in an effort force prospective customers toward his failing organization. His modus operandi is clear: destroy anyone and anything that allows businesses to be certified and accredited by independent entities other than the ones that he alone promotes. NOTE: Never forget businesses have every right to choose the certification and accreditation body of their choice for ISO certification. Don’t be manipulated by this scam artist. All accreditation myths spun by Chris Paris have been debunked here: http://aboac.org/accreditation-myths/
Chris Paris Sued Elsmar Cove and The Forum Was Forced Out of Business

The former Elsmar Cove forum was one of the most informative forums online for quality professionals to share information, network and ask questions about quality management. Chris Paris sued Elsmar Cove because of the dozens of complaints against his organization Oxebridge Quality Resources. However due to the exorbitant legal expenses, the owners of the site decided that it was prudent to simply take down the forum and therefore no legal determination was made. Thousands of quality professionals worldwide that used the forum was hurt in the process because of this one disturbed individual. (See below what Elsmar Cove members are saying about Chris Paris that he did not want you to know.)

Here is the State of Florida Court Document of the Lawsuit Oxebridge slapped on Elsmar Cove: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/florida/flmdce/8:2015cv00011/305950
Owner Chris Paris, Alias Mark Spittle (This guy is a real winner… you got to read this!)

Oxebridge Quality Resources AKA Certificate Mill

Elsmar Cove: Here’s a Google archive of Oxebridge Owner, Chris Paris, and his bogus complaints against honest business people that outsmart and outperform the whiny Chrissy.
Accreditation Scam: Oxebridge, Chris Paris, Offshore ISO Certification Scammer

Chris Paris and His Bizarre Obsession With Disney Characters (You Can’t Make This Up!)

Oxebridge Quality Resources Accused of Engaging in Telemarketing Fraud
ISO Scam Alerts: Oxebridge Quality Resources
American Manufacturing Trade Associations Warns U.S. Manufacturers About Oxebridge
Oxebridge Owner Chris Paris Flees To Offshore Web Host After Receiving 50+ Copyright Complaints From TAG-176 Quality Group
Ripoff Report Complaint Against Chris Paris and Oxebridge Quality Resources
Complaints & Comments On Elsmar Cove About Chris Paris

Below are just a few of hundreds of comments found on the former Elsmar Cove about Chris Paris and Oxebridge Quality Resources. These comments clearly show what people in the quality community think of Chris Paris. His lawsuit against Marc Smith, former owner of Elsmar Cove was to silence the quality community that was exposing this guy as a whack job. Well, if you think that’s harsh, just read what others are saying about this disturbed individual. After the lawsuit the site was taken down but some members posted the following. And we GUARANTEE these comments came from Elsmar Cove when it existed…

“My first reaction is “Oh God, what an idiot”. Obviously he (Chris Paris / Oxebridge) doesn’t have enough to do, and is bored and trying to stir up something from nothing. He wins first prize for DA of the month” – MP

“Wow! Just imagine if you had urinated on Chris’s shoe! I think he’d probably want you up for capital punishment. I’m surprised old legal eagle Chris hasn’t quite figured out the difference between slander and libel. “Religious slurs”? I do note you have been particularly bigoted toward us Huguenots. (Nothing new – we survived St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre; we can take anything.)” – KW

“I was briefly lost for words there… when I saw Christopher Paris Registered 4 Days Ago. I found this yesterday, and wondered why on earth he registered. Obviously not to take part in the contest. I didn’t think he wanted to have anything to do with us? Now I realize what he was up to…. I have littleknowledge of U.S. law, but I know one thing: I know a personal vendetta when I see one. Tragic….” – SL

“I am at a complete loss. Does he (Chris Paris of Oxebridge Quality) think we are some covert terrorism sponsor??? Does he think that people from other countries …Maybe he just does not think he could write a good enough article. The next thing you know he will say that people are soliciting when they tell us about their fund raising for cancer or other causes. Surely the power that be in Ohio have far better things to occupy their time. Does Mr. Paris live in Ohio?? I hope he puts the same efforts into trying to close down the Pornography and Spam sites around America.” – JC

“Chris Paris, in his complaint, states “…many individuals…” are banned. Mr. Paris himself registered in the forums recently and Mr. Paris – Oxebridge – knows no one is banned from the site. Mr. Paris is aware that Jim Wade can register again and participate if he apologizes and explains why he did what he did. Mr. Paris is outright lying and knowingly gave false testimony to the Ohio Attorney General’s office in his complaint.” – DG

“I do believe that the issue of the 40-day wonder is moot, and Chrissy has done himself more damage than we could ever do (as if we ever wanted to). Would you let this guy into YOUR plant, to talk to YOUR employees and set up YOUR system? I think not. He ought to provide some mustard along with this baloney.”- RP

“Given he used an Oxebridge email address, his employer is implicated. Is this guy a senior exec at Oxebridge? Can a phone call to the Pres. there resolve the matter, possibly have the individual terminated for this obnoxious behavior?” (Unfortunately these little weasel Chris Paris is the owner of Oxebridge) – JC

“Good point, but I’ll leave it to Chris Paris to deal with his employer – if he has one. As far as I know Chris Paris is Oxbridge. I haven’t investigated what his position is there. Personally I consider his complaint silly. I think Chris ‘shot himself in the foot’ by filing the complaint. I don’t particularly want Chris ‘terminated’ but I do want to ensure the public knows of the complaint and its content. Once I hear back from the Ohio Attorney General’s office I will post my reply to them here and in the quality NG.” – MJ

“This guy Paris is, in my personal opinion, a whiny, cowardly, nut who apparently cannot stand criticism, so he shamelessly wastes valuable government resources to pursue a baseless and trivial personal vendetta. I’m sure you’re reading this, Paris, so let me say this to you directly: Grow up.

Grow a spine while you are at it. Complain to Mommy if you want about how unfair you think life is, but stop wasting the taxpayer’s money on frivolous things like this. There are people out there with legitimate and serious claims who are waiting longer to get justice because of idiots like you.” – SK

“The “blah”s Chris Paris entered stood out and I looked and lo and behold it was Chris Paris. I went to his user record in the control panel and replaced the “blah”s with what I felt more appropriate. His company is Oxebridge (or Oxbridge?), for example. I put “rival” in that slot because – well, I thought it fit. So I take the blame for changing the entry from “blah” to “rival” – which I did because he thinks he is.” DN

“Why does this guy go out of his way to try to attack anyone whom he considers superior to himself? (One possibility after looking at his photo is he is a little man with small man complex?). You’d think any potential customer/employer who did a Google search and came up with this kinda stuff would put lots of distance between themselves and Chris. And I hope that is exactly what happens.” – MH

“Chris Paris [the real and only brain and voice behind Oxebridge] is quite an enigma… On the other hand, he is a Don Quixote personality, picking “fights” with ISO, accrediting bodies, registrars, etc. Somehow, he imagines himself the “defender” of all quality folk everywhere, seeing conspiracies against us quality professionals everywhere. Along the way, he has managed to convince enough companies to pay him money to keep the game going.” – JP

Now you know all you need to know about the Oxebridge owner Chris Paris. When he talks about companies being so-called “unaccredited.” Keep in mind, Chris Paris himself is unaccredited. How hilarious is that!